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Strikalite was set up in 1989 to serve the needs of low volume production of rechargeable battery packs, also to supply the domestic sector with replacement battery packs. Both sealed lead acid and NiCad batteries for all uses. We now supply many major portable tool and instrument manufacturers.

We make battery packs for some of the largest industrial companies and can manufacture all types of battery packs in any configuration with whatever protection circuits needed. We can also refurbish most types of NiCad and NiMh packs for example laptop computers, Theodolites, Security & Fire alarms, emergency lighting, PMR's, Defibrilliators, Portable instrumentation batteries for information panels, Battery powered tools, the list goes on and on.

We even supply the sealed lead acid batteries at one end of the size range to button cells for your covert earpieces at the other.

Everything we do carries a guarantee as well as GENUINE MANUFACTURER LEVEL PRICES.

Please take this opportunity to browse our Web Site and contact us for any information you require.