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Wednesday 01 April 2020
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If you can't find the make or model you're after or need help choosing
the right equipment then please speak to our experts on 01543 683122

Supply Issues of NIMH batteries

We are currently having supply problems with 'Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries' (NIMH) at present due to the issues China is currently facing.

We are doing our best to supply our customers, the cells that we shall be supplying for the short term are NOT of the 'Low Self Discharge' (LSD) type. We will revert back to these as soon as they become available again.

We are having to pay premium prices for the current cells available, this may lead to temporary increased prices on our website to cover costs.

Product ID: 557
Category: Lithium Batteries
SL760 Lithium AA
Type: AA
Capacity: N/A
Voltage: 3.6v
Description: SL760 Lithium AA For use in Memory back up and smoke detectors
Price: £5.11

Product ID: 558
Category: Lithium Batteries
SL-350 Lithium 1/2 AA
Type: AA
Capacity: N/A
Voltage: 3.6v
Description: SL350 inorganic Lithium 1/2 AA
Price: £4.65

Product ID: 974
Category: Lithium Batteries
Samsung 7.4volt 2.6Ah
Type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 2600mAh
Voltage: 7.4v
Description: This is a 7.4volt 2.6Ah Samsung 18650 lithium Ion battery pack with a 6amp board with wires
Price: £28.50

Product ID: 804
Category: Lithium Batteries
1/3 N Polarised tags
Type: N
Capacity: N/A
Voltage: 3v
Description: This is a 3volt lithium cell with polarised tags .2 pins on the posative and a single pin on the negative
Price: £2.55

Product ID: 341
Category: Lithium Batteries
Renata CR2016
Type: Renata
Capacity: 80
Voltage: 3
Description: 20.0x1.6mm
Price: £1.53

Product ID: 342
Category: Lithium Batteries
Renata CR2025
Type: Renata
Capacity: 150
Voltage: 3
Description: CR2025 lithium coin cell for use in car fobs and palm computers 20.0x2.5mm
Price: £1.53

Product ID: 343
Category: Lithium Batteries
Renata CR2032
Type: Renata
Capacity: 200
Voltage: 3
Description: CR2032 lithium coin cell for use in car fobs and palm computers 20.0x3.2mm
Price: £1.53

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Records 1 to 7 of 7


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