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Monday 04 July 2022
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16mm/G-Scale New/SH
16mm/G-scale Regner live steam locomotives
16mm/Gauge1/Gauge3/G scale Model Train Battery Packs
Alkaline Batteries
Battery Chargers
Battery Eliminators & PSUs
Battery Holders
Cordless drill batteries
Diving torch battery packs
NiMH Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries
NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
NiMH Tagged Rechargeable Batteries
Radio Amateur Battery Packs
Radio Controlled Battery Packs
Sealed Lead Acid batteries
Specialist Battery Packs
Emergency Lighting Modules
Emergency Lighting lights
Central Systems
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When luminaires have been sited to cover the location above, additional luminaires may be required to ensure minimum lighting levels areachieved
We provide spacing tables for this purpose. Spacing tables advise how far to locate the first luminaire, then how far apart other luminairesshould be located for a given mounting height. Installation to the spacings will ensure the lighting levels will be achieved
Escape route corridors etc: 1 lux minimum on the centre line of the escape route
Open Areas: 0.5 lux minimum in the central core to within 0.5m of the walls
Exit signs: Signs should apply to the European Signs Directive and be either back illuminated or have an emergency luminaire within 2m of horizontal height. Signs should be of the same format throughout the building



Please phone 01543 683122 for prices

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